Who We Are

App Inlet is a mobile and internet technology company that offers professional app and web development. We have a qualified team of exceptionally experienced business analysts, architects, programmers, developers, and designers on our staff – the complete team to complete any project.

Our unique combination of business skill and development depth makes us your perfect partner. Everything we do is tailor-made in-house. This facilitates operational cost reduction and improves efficiency as we work together with you to provide top-quality services in record time without cutting corners. Quality and efficiency combined!

We also have a 100% client success and 100% client referral, and our clients love how we strive to create long-lasting, support-orientated relationships. This continues to show that they made the correct choice in a development partner.

What We Do

Our services include tailor-made websites and apps, as well as web maintenance, site upgrades and enhancements. We have experience with technologies such as PHP, Javascript, jQuery, ASP.NET, Telerik, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, iOS and Android.

  • Appcelerator (iOS & Android) 92%
  • WordPress 80%
  • Laravel 69%
  • Joomla 35%
  • DNN 15%

How We Work

We want to build a relationship with you that lasts far beyond the on-time, on-budget delivery of your current application, traveling with you into the ocean of creativity as your company evolves. We strive to be as approachable as your next-door neighbour.

Whether it’s a one-page website, a fully-functioning eCommerce behemoth or a proprietary web/mobile app, we will get you up and running in no time. With top-quality images sourced from private online galleries and state-of-the-art developmental tools, we have all that’s needed to make your idea come to life.

Being a company that deals one-on-one with our customers, we understand risk, security and confidentiality. Our business works on initial development fees, and continuing Service Level Agreements that not only give you guaranteed support, but also allow you to update and enhance your websites and applications without huge costs.

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